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The experts in play for local government

Creating outdoor destinations that help communities thrive.

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Unsurpassed industry expertise

ForPark has been designing and manufacturing high-quality recreational equipment for council and local government parks for more than 40 years.

We draw on unsurpassed industry experience and thousands of existing projects to deliver placemaking play spaces and a tailored end-to-end process that’s proven to get positive project outcomes.

Your one-stop shop

ForPark is backed by PlayCo, a collective of leading playground suppliers. This means our customers get exclusive access to Australia’s leading range of commercial playground and fitness equipment.

  • Unique custom play structures
  • Modular ready-made playgrounds
  • Freestanding play equipment
  • Nature play
  • Accessible and inclusive play
  • Ninja courses
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Street and park furniture
  • Dog agility equipment
  • Soft fall, shade, landscape support and more​
Natura Playground

Safe, inclusive community playspaces

Playgrounds are key community assets, designed to bring everyone together in a fun, welcoming and comfortable environment. Our qualified play consultants work closely with you to ensure you’re adhering to the relevant safety standards and actively promoting inclusivity, ensuring your playspace invites people of all ages, abilities and cultures to come together. Plus, our equipment is backed by a 20 year structural warranty, so you can be confident it’s both durable and safe.

ForPark outdoor blue playground

Helping councils support local

We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of playground and fitness equipment, with dedicated in-house factories. While there are many imported products on the market, we stand by our commitment to supporting the local economy, delivering faster turnaround times, reducing shipping miles and building a more sustainable future for Australian communities.

Seamless end-to-end process

Your dedicated project lead manages every step of the process, from planning and design through to installation and certification.

Step 1: Consultation
We work with you to understand your objectives, design vision and budget, then assess and survey the site.

Step 2: Custom design
You then get 3D models and 2D plans of customised play concepts, plus detailed costs.

Step 3: Quality local manufacturing
Our equipment is made from high-grade materials and undergoes strict quality testing, adhering to high industry safety standards.

Step 4: Fast, safe installation
We install, inspect and certify equipment and can also manage soft fall, shade sails, landscaping and more.

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