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Australia’s largest play equipment manufacturer

ForPark creates play and fitness equipment that helps kids and communities thrive. Our range can be configured to suit any space and budget and is made in our Australian factories from high-grade materials. We draw on more than 45 years of industry experience and thousands of existing projects to deliver a seamless, tailored end-to-end process.

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Pioneering play for more than 45 years

ForPark opened its first factory in Perth in 1979, and has since become one of Australia’s most established and reputable playground suppliers. Today you’ll find our play, fitness and park equipment in thousands of schools, daycare centres and community parks right across Australia.

We’ve learnt a lot over the past 45+ years. Every day is an opportunity to explore the countless ways in which play contributes to learning and development – the cognitive, emotional, social and physical benefits, as well as the important role well-designed outdoor spaces play in building culture and community. We’re continually refining our concepts to better encourage exploration, experimentation, social interaction, imagination and creativity, as well as build resilience.

We are Australia’s largest and most established playground equipment manufacturer and operate three factories across Brisbane and Perth. Our manufacturing capabilities include roto moulding, injection moulding, powder coating, bending, welding, ropes, CNC machining, fabrication, timber processing, timber carving and more. This gives us the opportunity to quality control every piece of equipment that leaves our factories, ensuring the highest possible standards. It also allows us to refine our designs, materials and processes. Every joining, fastening, clamp and bolt has been put to the test, improved and improved again. And we continue to raise the bar.

In 2023, after 44 years in business, we decided to team up with other leading Australian playground manufacturers to create PlayCo. Joining forces with other industry leaders provides huge benefits to our customers – a larger range, a seamless supply chain and unsurpassed industry expertise, to name a few. By playing as a collective, we proudly become the #1 playground group in Australia.

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Dedicated to creating inclusive playspaces

Our playspaces exist at the heart of communities and we believe they should cater for everyone – young and old, families and carers, and people of all abilities. Our designs follow best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility, in line with Government guidelines.

  • Find – Communicate the purpose and location of play elements and facilities.
  • Fit – Provide a range of play opportunities for people of all abilities and sizes.
  • Choose – Enable exciting individual experiences and social interaction.
  • Thrive – Challenge and involve people of all capabilities’.
  • Join in – Create opportunities for everyone to connect.
  • Belong – Create a place that’s welcoming and comfortable.

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