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Bouncer – Round

Bouncer – Round

Play Motion Freestanding Inclusive Sensory Colour options

Bouncers are fun for all ages! They are also great for cardio training and fitness. Our Round Bouncer is a freestanding item that will bring extra life to your playground.

Free Space Above: 3500mm
Jumping Area: 1200mm Diameter
Number of users: 1

NOTE: A clearance zone of 1500mm is required around the bouncing surface. The safety slab is part of the clearance zone. An additional 1250mm clearance zone must be included. The clearance zone must have a HIC greater or equal to 1000. The safety area above the surface must be 3500mm this means that no trees, lamps or similar can be in this area.A suitable drainage layer must be provided, see image below:

Product details

Code: FS158
Age Range: 0 – 12+ years
Max Fall Height: 1000mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 13.85m2
Equipment Size: 1700mm Diameter
Colour Options: Yes


Inclusive Sensory Early childhood Landscape Architect School Local Government Caravan Park

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