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Mackenzie Reserve

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We had the incredible opportunity to design and install Mackenzie Reserve's new playground.

Mackenzie Reserve – Budgewoi
Mackenzie Reserve


At Mackenzie Reserve, we embarked on a mission to transform their playground into a vibrant and engaging space that fosters creativity, physical activity, and a connection with nature. Our goal was to create an environment where children could play, engage with each other and explore.



The park now boasts a variety of exciting new features designed for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Key additions include:

  • Elevate Structure: A dynamic play structure that encourages climbing and exploration.
  • Tornado Swing: A thrilling swing that spins and swings, offering a unique play experience.
  • T Swing: A classic swing set for timeless fun.
  • Double Flying Fox: An exhilarating ride that lets two people zip across the park simultaneously.

These features are thoughtfully integrated among the park’s lush trees, creating a seamless blend of natural beauty and playful design. We also enhanced the park with a new concrete footpath and stylish furniture!