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We had the incredible opportunity to design and install Grandview’s very own dinosaur park.

Grandview dinosaur playground


We had the incredible opportunity to be involved in Grandview’s very own dinosaur park. The Stockland estate in the City of Melton is now able to enjoy the largest prehistoric-themed residential park in Victoria!

The inspiration for Grandview’s Dinosaur Park comes from the eruption of the Mt. Atkinson volcano about six million years ago. There were dinosaur discoveries to be made around every corner, including hatching baby dinos and fossilised footprints.

Grandview dinosaur park climbing equipment


Our show-stopping Summit Tower demands attention with custom facades and giant green tube slides while the incredible play value with our flying fox, see-saws, springers, swings and rope structure will ensure kids are entertained for hours.

We worked closely with landscape architects to make the dream come true and are happy to say Grandview Park has been a great success.

Green dinosaur play equipment


A statement piece, the Summit towers are eye-catching and will get your park noticed. By building up, Summit increases the area for play, giving maximum play value and enjoyment, all within a compact area, reducing spend on soft fall.

Dinosaur head slide Dinosaur themed playground