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Fig Tree Pocket Reserve

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At Fig Tree Pocket Reserve, our goal was to create an immersive nautical-themed playground experience that sparks imagination and adventure. Central to this vision was the incorporation of elements from our Themed Play range, including our iconic Tug Boat, to transport children to the high seas of creativity and play.


Our project at Fig Tree Pocket Reserve exclusively features products from our Themed Play range, designed to evoke the spirit of maritime exploration and discovery. Our Tug Boat is carefully crafted to inspire imaginative play and foster a sense of wonder.


The highlight of Fig Tree Pocket Reserve’s playground is our Themed Play Tug Boat, a majestic vessel that serves as the centerpiece of the maritime adventure. With its intricate design, interactive features, and vibrant colors, the Tug Boat invites children to embark on thrilling journeys across the imaginary seas, promoting physical activity, social interaction, and creative storytelling.

Through this project, we’ve transformed Fig Tree Pocket Reserve into a maritime playground paradise, where children can hoist the sails of their imagination, navigate uncharted waters, and create unforgettable memories amidst the enchanting allure of the sea.