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Accessible Carousel

Accessible Carousel

Play Motion Freestanding Inclusive Accessible Sensory Colour options

Our Accessible Carousel rotates around a central axis. With much more support compared to a traditional carousel and with the space for one wheelchair as well as 3 other users, it offers a sense of challenge and risk-taking and will appeal to older or more confident children. It encourages social play, teamwork and cooperation to spin on the carousel. Contact your local Design Consultant for more information on how we can make your playground accessible and inclusive.

Product details

Code: FS159,FS160
Age Range: 0 – 12+ years
Max Fall Height: 1000mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 28.4m2
Equipment Size: 2010mm Diameter
Max Equipment Height: 805mm
Colour Options: Yes


Accessible Inclusive Sensory Early childhood Landscape Architect School Local Government Caravan Park

Product downloads

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Colour options

Our products can be manufactured in a range of colours across many different materials. If you have specific colour requirements,please contact our team and we will gladly help create your perfect play solution.

Powder coat

Yellow gold (3)
Lemon yellow (13)
Orange (22)
Signal red (6)
Purple (43)
Magenta (14)
Wedgewood (11)
Space blue (9)
Blaze blue (5)
Deep pool (38)
Deep ocean (30)
Hawthorn green (8)
Cabana green (40)
Licra lime (27)
Mist green (15)
Copper (23)
Outback red (37)
Gold pearl (28)
Doeskin (1)
White (41)
Bright silver (31)
Palladium metallic (33)
Anodic grey (170)
Charcoal (7)
Gloss black (20)

Dinosaur Park

Customisable play options

Looking for a unique playground element? We custom design play equipment and playground structures. This allows us to maximise your available space, as well as create themed playgrounds that resonate with your local community and natural surroundings. We can design new play equipment from scratch or modify existing structures using various material and colour combinations, combining our play and manufacturing expertise with your design ideas to bring your vision to life.  

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